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Our Specialities

  •  CROWN Brand Audio/Video cabinets from Malaysia
  •  FALCON brand Fire Resistance Filling Cabinets and Lockers from Malaysia.
  •  WILLY Brand steel office furniture from Malaysia.
  •  SHANHUA brand world class tufted and Tile carpets.
  •  Geekn Brand Office Chairs from India.
  •  Curve brand Office Chairs from India.
  •  Perfect Brand Office Chairs from India.
  •  PRESTIGE Brand Hotel Furniture, Banquet Chairs/Tables.
  •  Ainos Wall papers from Korea.
  •  VIP/Himal/Chandi Brand Steel Furniture.
  •  Godrej Home Security Safes.
  •  Supreme brand Plastic Furniture from India.
  •  Sleepwell Brand Bed Matressess from india.
  •  Orient Brand Fans and Heaters and many more…