Filing Cabinet 4 Drawer



Size : Height : 56″” ; Width : 18″” ; Depth : 24″”
Colors : Official Office Grey
Coloured Drawers
Paint : Powder Coated;
In An Automatic Conveyorised Plant
Chemical : Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating, Activation, Passivation
German Technology;
9 Tanks Process;
Hot Chemical Treatment;
Fabrication : CNC Shearing, CNC Press Brake, Arc & Spot Weilding
Fittings : High Quality Locks, Adjester, Anti-Collision Bumpers to make doors and other parts movement silent and smooth.
Description : 57″” height cupboard with Four full lenght drawers. The cabinet consists of four drawers with name tags to keep your files safe. Can hold files and folders of all shapes and sizes.


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