Two Door Dressing

  • Size: 72″ x 40″ x 22″
  • Colors: Maroon, Blue, Water Blue, Pink, Brown, Sunmica
  • Modern Dual Color Design
  • White Body, Vibrant Colors
  • Powder Coated Paint
  • German Technology, 9 Tanks Process
  • Fabrication: CNC Shearing, Press Brake, Welding
  • Quality Fittings: Locks, Handles, Clothes Hanger
  • Silent Movement: Anti-Collision Bumpers
  • Description: 72″ height cupboard with versatile storage, including a locker, shelves, and drawers.


Size : Height : 72″ ; Width : 40″ ; Depth : 22″
Colors : Maroon, Blue, Water Blue, Pink, Brown, Sunmica
Modern stylish Dual Color Design.
White Body with vibrant colours.
Paint : Powder Coated;
In An Automatic Conveyorised Plant
Chemical : Degreasing, Derusting, Phosphating, Activation, Passivation
German Technology;
9 Tanks Process;
Hot Chemical Treatment;
Fabrication : CNC Shearing, CNC Press Brake, Arc & Spot Weilding
Fittings : High Quality Locks, Handles, Clothes Hanger, Adjester, Anti-Collision Bumpers to make doors and other parts movement silent and smooth.
Description : 72″ height cupboard with Five half lenght shelfs.
One centrally partitioned compartment, with clothes hanger facility, and a locker with lock with two shelfs on one side, and two drawer with lock and three shelfs, on the other side.


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